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What Type of Mum are You?

Posted on February 26th, 2016

Mother’s Day! They say it only comes around once a year, but if you’re a mum every day is Mother’s Day just with less presents and appreciation!

So about that one special day; that one measly, spectacular day a year that’s all about you… Mother’s Day. Surely this day is about you, your children and your other half recognising how amazing you actually are and taking a moment to show and appreciate that fact.

Whether you’re a mum, step-mum, Grandma or carer, it’s a day for you to do what makes you happy. Therefore, what you do depends completely upon the type of mum that you are. So the big question is, what type of Mum are you?

I’ve got a few suggestions below, perhaps you can think of some more:

  1. The do it my way mum
  2. The feel too young to be a mum, mum
  3. The feel too old to be a mum, mum
  4. The working mum
  5. The stay at home mum
  6. The obsessively clean and tidy mum
  7. The messy mum
  8. The sporty mum
  9. The watching my soaps mum
  10. The action adventure mum
  11. The scaredy-cat Mum

I’m positive the list could go on and on, however, irrespective of what type you are, I think Mother’s day should be about doing something great. Doing something that perhaps you haven’t done before and showing your children, your husband and even yourself how truly amazing you are.

So, what can you do? Sit at home with your feet up, eat chocolate and drink wine whilst watching Coronation Street and allowing everyone to tidy up after you for a change? Admittedly that sounds pretty great but, it’s not the impressive statement I’m suggesting you make.

8 years ago I decided to do exactly this and took my mum to the high ropes course where I was working at the time. My mum… is terrified of heights! Terrified! She did however agree to the adventure and it couldn’t have gone better.

She kicked and screamed, whooped and hollered, cried real tears and cried with laughter. It was quite the roller coaster of emotions but it achieved what I wanted to achieve, it was memorable. It’s still the Mother’s day we talk about to this day and is a memory we will share forever, well that and the video of her screaming 150 metres down a Zip Wire without taking a breath!

Steer clear of the ‘mumdane’, do something great this Mother’s Day, do something memorable.

Sam McNally 2

Sam McNally

Business Development Manager
Aerial Extreme

Taking extreme adventure to the masses and fun to a higher level, a truly memorable experience everytime.


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